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BofA: QE obsession will disappoint The Eurogroups deal is more kicking the can down the road, however Greece goes a long way towards smoothing out liquidity issues and some uncertainties are lifted

The very 2012-like Eurogroup deal and the Draghi factor

No front-loaded debt relief for Greece by the european lenders meant the IMF just gave the nod and will decide its participation in the countrys bailout by the end of the year. But other wheels too were set in motion after the Eurogroups deal, courtesy of Mr.Draghi

Russian President Putin arrives in Athens

Massive security measures deployed by police.

Joshka Fischer: Grexit is finished

Joshka Fischer: Grexit is finished"The Greek crisis was not in vain: from Greece will come a spirit for a new start and this will spread throughout Europe. I believe this," he said.

Moscovici: Greek debt relief deal very close

Moscovici: Greek debt relief deal ΄very close΄"We are approaching a crucial moment in these discussions and I am confident and hopeful that we can reach a positive conclusion because it is simply in everyones interest to do so, EU Economic & Financial Affairs Commissioner said.
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Eurobank agreed to sell 170 mn NPLs in Romania

The sale will take place at zero loss while it also reduces the banks NPL ratio and RWAs.

Greece finally resorts to a flat GGR tax

Greek government made another last-minute change.

Greek States privatization plan aims to preserve its rights in OTE

This way the government will meet the demands of the countrys creditors.

Parliament approves bill on prior actions with 153 votes

Greek parliament approved in principle and by majority on Sunday the omnibus bill on the prior actions demanded by Greeces lenders to conclude the program review, with 153 votes in favour and 145 against. New Democracy MP Adonis Georgiadis and Potami MP Grigoris Psarianos were absent.

Competition Committee may put charges to up to 60 construction groups

as pinpointed responsibilities of even politicians along with companies.

Threat of Grexit still looms, Greeces return to markets still far away

arclays economist Francois Cabau, said in an exclusive interview with

German FinMin rejects IMF debt relief proposal for Greece

"German Parliament should not be asked to approve changes".

Parliament publishes wealth declarations of politicians for 2012

The data will remain on the website for one month.

Tsipras, Erdogan to focus on EU-Turkey deal in meeting

According to government sources, the EU-Turkey deal is seen as key in the management of refugee flows in the Aegean and Tsipras is expected to note its importance in tackling the issue.
Mariana Mazzucato: Greece shouldn΄t do what Germany says it does but what it actually does

Mariana Mazzucato: Greece shouldnt do what Germany says it does but what it actually does

The author of the critically acclaimed book "The Entrepreneurial State" spoke to about the important of smart public spending on innovation, privatizations, the culprits of private "sharing economy" models and who we have to thank for the iPhone.
Greece: From Brinkmanship to a Muddled Compromise

Greece: From Brinkmanship to a Muddled Compromise

The long-awaited conclusion of the first review of the third programme between Greece and its international creditors now appears likely on May 24th when the euro group of finance ministers meet again in Brussels. By Jens Bastian
Greece: ΄Worse than Game of Thrones΄

Greece: Worse than Game of Thrones

Twitter legend "The Greek Analyst" who has been analyzing and occasionally mocking Greek politics, is back for his take on the latest installment of the Greek debt crisis, drama included.



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