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Tsipras defends ΄emergency΄ plan for potential euro zone exit "We didnt design or have a plan to pull the country out of the euro, but we did have emergency plans," Tsipras told parliament. "If our partners and lenders had prepared a Grexit plan, shouldnt we as a government have prepared our defense?"

BBC: Greek shares set to plunge 20% as stock exchange reopens

The bourse was shut just before the Greek government imposed capital controls at the height of the debt crisis.Traders said they expect sharp losses as a result of pent-up trading and fears about Greeces worsening economy.

Bundesbank Vice President Warns of Grexit Consequences--Report

"The discussion around Grexit is...tiring," Mrs. Buch is quoted as saying. The recent negotiations "set the course for Greece to remain within the euro," and Mrs. Buch is "cautiously optimistic" that Greece will succeed in achieving a turnaround.

Eurozone Businesses Unruffled by Greek Crisis

Eurozone Businesses Unruffled by Greek CrisisEurozone businesses were untroubled by the threat of a Greek departure from the eurozone in July, becoming more upbeat about their prospects even as consumers grew more wary.

Lagarde: Debt restructuring a must for Greek programme to fly

Lagarde: Debt restructuring a must for Greek programme ΄to fly΄In an online press conference on Wednesday, International Monetary Fund (IMF) Managing Director Christine Lagarde said a restructuring of Greeces public debt was one of four key elements needed in order for the programme to work.
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Hugo Dixon to ANA-MPA: Tsipras needs to form a stable and credible government

Tsipras will get, provided he is implementing, a debt relief package; not a debt haircut".

Galbraith consulted on Grexit plan and now fears resumption of Greek spiral

He said that there was nothing questionable about the groups motives for looking at ramifications of a possible Grexit".

Juncker says Grexit off table

The European Commission President said in statements to Austrias radio ORF.

Delhaize Reports Jump in Greece Sales Due to Crisis

Consumers rushed to buy groceries in response to the countrys economic and political turmoil.

As Greek Deal Settled, Top European Politician Was Absent

One senior European Union politician was surprisingly absent from the endgame of the negotiations.

Greek Government Debt Falls Sharply

It fell to 168.8% in the first quarter of this year from 177.1% in the final quarter of last year.

Greece wants final bailout deal by August 20

This is the deadline for debt-crippled Greece to pay 3.2 billion euros owed to the European Central Bank,

Meimarakis: Well try to improve the bad agreement reached

"We thought that Plan B was another plan that would lead to an agreement within the eurozone".
Fitch sees capital requirements of banks between €11-16bn

Fitch sees capital requirements of banks between 11-16bn

While the rating agencys base case is that the existing, favourable regulatory treatment of DTAs will continue there is also scope that within the Pillar 2 supervisory framework regulators will to adopt a harsher approach.
Moody’s considers Greece’s bank resolution legislation as credit negative for unsecured creditors

Moodys considers Greeces bank resolution legislation as credit negative for unsecured creditors

The European Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive that was voted into national law by the Greek parliament on July 22 is credit negative for bondholders and uninsured depositors (>100k), Moodys said in a recent report.
IMF urges Greece not to backtrack on recent labor market reforms

IMF urges Greece not to backtrack on recent labor market reforms

In a report on the Euro-area policies published yesterday, the IMF urged Greece not to backtrack on any of the recent labor market reforms, including the minimum wage which still today on a GDP per capita basis is at the top end of the EU countries.



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