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Greeks Reject Creditors΄ Bailout Terms More than 61% of Greeks voted "no" in referendum on austerity measures and other overhauls that European and International Monetary Fund officials had demanded in recent talksan outcome that spurred popular celebrations into the night across downtown Athens and other Greek cities.

Greek Finance Minister resigns

Greeces Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis said that he is resigning to help Greece reach a bailout deal with creditors after the country rejected a referendum on the latest bailout terms.

Greek Premier Wins, but Still Faces Difficult Tasks

Greeces overwhelming rejection of creditors demands in Sundays referendum is a big win for Tsipras, but doesnt change what so far has been an impossible task: securing a place in the euro without accepting harsher austerity.

Asian Shares Fall After Greek Vote--Update

Asian Shares Fall After Greek Vote--UpdateInvestors are bracing for a bumpy day of trading, after preliminary results of Greeces referendum Sunday show a victory for the "no" campaign, which rejected austerity policies set out by the eurozone and the International Monetary Fund.

Euro Tumbles As Greek Drama Unfolds

Euro Tumbles As Greek Drama UnfoldsThe euro took an early morning tumble in Asia and traders are gearing up for more volatility after a first official projection of Greeces referendum outcome, based on early counting.
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European Leaders Look to Chart Path Following Vote

The architects of Greeces international bailout struggled to respond to a resounding "no" in Sundays referendum.

Greeks Say No to Creditors Bailout Terms -- 4th Update

he result that could deepen the rift between Greece and the rest of Europe and push the country closer to bankruptcy.

Investors Brace for Big Moves in Wake of Greek Vote--Update

Investors are steeling themselves for a rough ride Monday.

Athens Streets Throng With Revellers

Hundreds of Greeks gathered in front of the countrys parliament late Sunday.

France Sees Basis for Dialogue With Greece

He urged the Greek government to make proposals so that negotiations can restart.

Coeure says ECB ready to do more to support eurozone

"Our will to act in this matter should not be doubted".
Emerging ΄No΄ Vote in Greece Poses Merkel΄s Biggest Challenge

Emerging No Vote in Greece Poses Merkels Biggest Challenge

How she responds in the coming days wont just determine the fate of the eurozone, but will reflect on her as well, both at home and abroad, and it is hard to imagine a scenario where she emerges unscathed.
Fitch on Greek banking system

Fitch on Greek banking system

The four largest Greek banks have failed and would also have defaulted if capital controls had not been imposed". The agency downgraded also the state-guaranteed long-term senior debt ratings of NBG and Eurobank to CC from CCC.
Greece Shuts Down Banking System

Greece Shuts Down Banking System

The decision came after the European Central Bankmeeting in an emergency session Sundayopted not to expand a lifeline of emergency funds that has been sustaining Greek banks while nervous depositors pulled their money out.



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