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US Treasury Freezes Assets Of Iraq-Based Insurgent Group JRTN


The Treasury Department froze the U.S. assets of insurgent group Jaysh Rijal al-Tariq al-Naqshabandi after saying it threatens the peace and stability of Iraq.

The Treasury's designation, which said JRTN has committed acts of violence against coalition and Iraqi Security Forces, also prohibits U.S. citizens from financial or commercial transactions with the group.

The Treasury sanctions came under an executive order targeting insurgent and militia groups and their supporters. Sanctions have been imposed on senior leaders of al Qaeda and other groups as well as at least two broadcast media outlets.

The U.S. government has no information indicating any tie between JRTN and the Naqshabandi Sufi order of Islam.

"Today's designation is an important step in protecting coalition troops, Iraqi Security Forces and innocent Iraqis from insurgent groups like JRTN that use violence to undermine Iraq's progress toward a more democratic and prosperous future,"‪ said Stuart Levey, under secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence.‪

The government has accused JRTN of an August attack using an armor-penetrating grenade against a coalition forces convoy in Hawijah, Iraq, and of firing rockets at the Kirkuk Regional Air Base in two separate attacks. It also said JRTN intended to overthrow the Iraqi government and reinstate Ba'ath Party rule.

In a statement on the al-Mindar Network's Web site in May, JRTN allegedly claimed to have conducted three separate attacks against coalition forces, including a May attack that destroyed a U.S. Humvee in Anbar Province; an April sniper attack against a U.S. soldier in al-Ta'mim Province; and the destruction of a U.S. vehicle in Anbar Province in April.


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December 22, 2009 17:29 ET (22:29 GMT)

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