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17/01 Report on loans to political parties, media, show blatant violations of bank rules
The draft conclusions on a parliamentary investigation into shady loans granted to political parties and media groups by banks was handed over by the majority to the rapporteurs of the opposition parties, the president of the parliamentary committee and SYRIZA MP Balomenakis said.
17/01 Tsipras speaks to Guterres, Juncker about ongoing Cyprus talks
Prime Minister discussed developments on Cyprus talks in phone calls to the Secretary-General of the United Nations and the President of the European Commission.
17/01 German FinMin warns against the disengagement of the IMF from the Greek program
Mr. Schaeuble argued that a potential withdrawal of the IMF would constitute a fundamental change in the programs structure.
17/01 ELSTAT: Building activity decreased by 5.7% y-o-y in October
While the corresponding volume rose by 14.8% y-o-y.
17/01 EU foreign ministers, NATO backers counter Trump talk
The EUs top diplomat has shrugged off US President-elect Donald Trumps opinions on further breakaways from the bloc. Germanys foreign minister says Trumps criticism of Angela Merkel created a stir in Brussels.
17/01 British prime minister: UK will not seek half in, half out Brexit
In a speech set for Tuesday, British Prime Minister Theresa May is poised to signal a clean break from the EU - including its single market. Fears of that outcome have pushed down the value of the British pound.
13/01 German FinMin leaves open room for IMF disengagement
In an interview with Suddeutsche Zeitung, the German FinMin left open the possibility of the IMF disengaging from the Greek program but flagged that in this case, a new program would need to be negotiated with the EU and the ESM.
13/01 Guterres on Cyprus: We are not looking for a quick fix but for a sustainable solution
Guterres said the issues of security and guarantees are very complicated adding it is very important to take into account the concerns of the two communities.
13/01 Moodys: Greek economy to grow more than Eurozone average in 2017/2018
The 2017 outlook for sovereign creditworthiness in the euro area is stable overall.
13/01 Moscovici - Tsakalotos: Second review must be completed "as soon as possible"
Greeces Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos and European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs Pierre Moscovici on Thursday expressed their shared desire for a swift conclusion of the second review of the Greek programme "as soon as possible".
13/01 Unemployment rate at 23% in October
he number of employed in October 16 rose by 1.4%.
13/01 Cyprus talks enter crucial security phase
Top international diplomats have arrived in Geneva as talks seeking to reunify the divided island of Cyprus enter a crucial stage. UN chief Antonio Guterres said the talks would go on as long as necessary.
13/01 Merkel: No eternal guarantee for United States cooperation with EU
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said it would be "naive" of the European Union to rely on US support. Instead she called for more solidarity within the EU in the wake of the Brexit vote and Donald Trumps election.
09/01 Thessaloniki Port privatization to get a 20-day extension
After the submission of that text to the data room for candidate buyers.
09/01 Channel owners ask CoS to exempt them from filing wealth statements
The deadline for submission of wealth statements expires next Sunday.
09/01 Winter sales to start today
Sales will officially end on February 28.
09/01 Cyprus negotiations re-start today in Geneva
Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades is in Geneva for the start of three-day negotiations with the head of the Turkish-Cypriot community, Mustafa Akinci.
09/01 801 migrants sent back to Turkey under migrant deal
The EU has taken in 2,672 legal Syrian refugees from Turkey, which is far more than the number of people it sent back, according to a media report. Under the EU-Turkey agreement, the influx should match the returns.
09/01 UK Prime Minister Theresa May to set out Brexit plans in coming weeks
More than six months since the UK voted to leave the EU, Prime Minister Theresa May has said she will set out plans for Brexit plan "in coming weeks." She also said she looks to build on the US-UK relationship.
03/01 Bitcoin becomes best-performing currency 2016
The virtual currency has continued its breathtaking rise surging past $1,000, after already winning the crown of the best-performing currency in 2016 by more than doubling its value in the course of the year
03/01 Brexit battle to dominate UK politics in 2017
The UK heads into an uncertain 2017, with the shadow of Brexit looming over the nation. With so many unknowns is Britain hoping for the best or resigned to the worst? Cristina Burack reports from London."
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