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07/02 IMF: Greek debt is unsustainable
The fund said growth is projected to accelerate in the next few years, conditional on a full and timely implementation of the authorities adjustment program, including a rapid elimination of the capital controls introduced in mid-2015.
06/02 Court to decide on Tuesday whether to freeze DOL media groups assets
In a court hearing on Friday, representatives of the four banks with outstanding loans to DOL requested the temporary halt of any liquidation of its assets in favour of other creditors.
06/02 "EU addressed the debt crisis in a wrong way"
Nicole Fontaine, former President of the European Parliament, said.
06/02 Bakoyannis: Greece cant afford a 3rd failed negotiation
In the interview published on Sunday, she underlined that the country cannot afford a third failed round of negotiations or a repetition of the summer of 2015.
06/02 MF to discuss Article 4 report on Greece and debt sustainability
IMFs Executive Board meeting today to discuss Article IV report on Greece as well as the updated Debt Sustainability Analysis; reportedly, these reports should set out the conditions under which the IMF could participate in the current Greek programme.
06/02 Opinion: Whats next for Romania?
On Sunday the Romanian government repealed the controversial emergency ordinance. Hundreds of thousands of Romanians have been protesting it peacefully for days but Robert Schwarz believes they want more.
01/02 Voutsis: The Parliament will not vote for extreme measures demanded by IMF
Provided that the euro and the EMU continue to exist.
01/02 New Metron Analysis poll shows ND leading by a 10.2% margin
ND is polling at 25.8%, with Syriza at 15.6%
01/02 Ryanair cuts flights to Athens
As a result of delays in the construction works at the runway of Thessaloniki airport.
01/02 Regling: Greece has made progress since August 2015
Greece has made progress since August 2015 as part of the third programme, ESM president said.
01/02 EU inks deal to end roaming charges in June
European travelers will no longer have to pay roaming charges for using their mobile phones within the EU after the 28-nation bloc has finally reached a deal that will take effect in June
30/01 Commission works for the conclusion of the second review
European Commission responsible for Financial Issues Annika Breidthardt said during a press briefing.
30/01 Third man dies in Moria hotspot
It is the third incident in Moria in the last ten days. On Saturday a 45-year old man from Syria was found dead outside his tent in Moria and on Tuesday 24 January a 22 year-old man from Egypt died in Moria, AMNA repoered.
30/01 Moodys: Second review delay "credit negative for Greek banks
A delay in concluding a second review threatens to put at risk the restructuring programes.
30/01 French Socialists choose Hamon as presidential candidate amid high turnout
French Socialists have voted for Benoit Hamon to represent them in the countrys upcoming presidential election. Among others, hell be facing Francois Fillon, a candidate confronting troubles of his own.
30/01 Trumps Muslim travel ban plunges airlines into chaos
Global airlines have been caught largely off guard by new US rules barring entry for people from seven Muslim-majority countries, upsetting carriers crew rosters and triggering fears for the industrys business.
26/01 Greece snubs Turkey soldiers extradition
The eight men fled in a helicopter to Greece after the coup attempt but say they were not involved.
24/01 Ant. Kerastaris: INTRALOTs new strategy and roadmap for growth
INTRALOT Group CEO evaluates the impact of the changes in this period, talks about the rapid changes in the global market of gaming, the new INTRALOT strategy in all verticals (betting, lottery, interactive), the challenges and the goals that have been set.
24/01 SSM Head Daniel Nouy may visit Greece at the end of February 2017
The talks will reportedly include the changes in the BoDs of the bank
24/01 Letter to creditors sent by FinMin deemed too generic;
Greece will propose the extension of the automatic spending cut mechanism beyond 2018e.
24/01 ESM and EFSF approve short-term debt relief measures for Greece
Including by exchanging some debt to fixed from floating rates, and to ease the countrys repayment burden.
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