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90 percent of mastic trees destroyed in raging Chios wildfire An additional 50 men from the armed forces and the fire brigade were sent as reinforcements to the Aegean island of Chios on Monday, to assist fire fighters in putting out a major fire that has already wiped out 90 pct of mastic gum tree orchards in some the islands villages.

Mitsotakis: Proposed election law will make forming a government impossible

New Democracy leader said they would lead to an inability to form a government, while he accused the government of "petty political manoeuvring" and "political amoralism".

Tsipras: We are determined to build a future free from the baggage of the past

Tsipras noted that this was a significant day, since it was the first time that an election law tabled by the ruling majority goes beyond the ends that the ruling majority hopes for.

Brexit dominates G20 finance summit in China

Brexit dominates G20 finance summit in ChinaAhead of the meeting, the International Monetary Fund downgraded its forecasts for global growth in 2016 with repercussions from the Brexit in mind.

EU concerned about Turkeys path to dictatorship

EU concerned about Turkey΄s path to dictatorshipThe deal on refugees could be one of the first victims of a potential fallout between the Union and Turkey
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New electoral law approved by simple majority by the Parliament, failing to reach the 200 votes

The bill passed mainly on the strength of votes of the ruling coalition parties SYRIZA and Independent Greeks (ANEL), along with the Centrists Union. A total of 281 deputies voted in three rounds (in principle, per article and in total).

Greek debt must be rendered sustainable, US Treasury Secretary says

Lew said that Greece has made significant progress and implemented major reforms, which have revived the confidence of the international creditors to the country.

ECB lowers ELA limit

By 1.4bn to 57.2bn until September 8.

Michalis Sallas resigned as Chairman of Piraeus Bank BoD

The BoD decided to award to Mr Sallas the title of Chairman Emeritus of Piraeus Group.

Budget primary surplus of 2.5 bln in first half of 2016

ccording to data, released by the Finance Ministry.

Seven contenders in final stage of Greek TV licence tender announced

SKAI SA, NTV Nea Tileorasi, Antenna TV, Alpha, Ioannis-Vladimiros H. Kalogritsas, E TV and Alter Ego.
Turkey΄s coup plotters ΄sold each other out΄

Turkeys coup plotters sold each other out

Journalist Ahmet Sik believes Turkeys July 15 military coup attempt failed because the alliance between followers of cleric Fetullah Gulin and other segments of the military fell apart.
Gulen versus Erdogan battle spills over into Germany

Gulen versus Erdogan battle spills over into Germany

Germanys Turkish population is split after the coup attempt. No love is lost between followers of Fethullah Gulen and Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Leaders of associations connected to the two men are playing down the issue.
Why France again?

Why France again?

To date, France has suffered seven terrorist attacks in which 140 people have been killed. Political scientist and France expert Ronja Kempin explains why France is so often targeted.



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