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Parties once again fail to agree on new National Council for Radio and Television The political parties in Parliament once again failed to reconcile their differences in order to appoint a new National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV), in a last-ditch government attempt for an agreement at a Conference of Parliament Presidents meeting on Wednesday, AMNA reported.

The 2017 budget may cause recession, parliamentary budget office says

The 2017 budget, as it is being prepared, will have on the short-term an intensely recessionary character although the recessionary effects may be partly offset by the change in economic climate after the completion of the program reviews, the report states.

Registered unemployment down 2.74 pct in September

OAED said the number of registered unemployed people totaled 871,981 in September, down from 896,562 in August.

ECB board meets amid rise of imponderables

ECB board meets amid rise of imponderablesThe ECBs governing council is meeting in Frankfurt to debate policy options to further stimulate the eurozones economy and get the inflation rate closer to 2 percent. So far, the progress made has been meager.

Clinton wins the final debate, polls say

Clinton wins the final debate, polls sayUS presidential candidates Trump and Clinton have faced off in their third and last debate in Las Vegas. The key moment of the night, according to commentators, was Trump refusing to commit to accepting election results.
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Stournaras: Talks on debt must begin shortly

BoF Governor noted a number of positive results formed even from the slow implementation pace of the program namely the reinstatement of the waiver.

Negotiations with institutions on second review to start at end of the week

Greeces negotiations with the institutions on the second programme review will start at the end of the week.

ESM is examining the short-term debt relief measures for Greece

ESM is examining the extension of the avg maturity of EFSF loans to 32.5 years and measures to reduce interest rate risk.

Mitsotakis: Populism is effective in opposition and ineffective in government

Populism is effective in opposition and ineffective in government, he told attendees and separated his partys position from populism saying its aim is to offer a new vision of politics.

ellenic Petroleum successfully raised EUR 375mn through a 5-year note

The group was successful in tapping the credit markets by issuing a 5-year note bearing a 4.875% coupon for a final 5% yield.

Greeces left-wing Syriza party in the midst of change

Tsipras wants to revamp his far-left Syriza party and turn it into a strong, big tent party that appeals to a larger portion of the electorate, but that also remains loyal to him.
Samsung to compensate suppliers

Samsung to compensate suppliers

South Korean industry giant Samsung has announced it will compensate suppliers for costs related to the discontinued Galaxy Note 7 smartphone. Most beneficiaries of the move will be overseas.
MEPs open letter to Moscovici for ΄urgent΄ debt relief to Greece

MEPs open letter to Moscovici for urgent debt relief to Greece

"The open letter to Mr. Moscovici, an initiative of the Progressive Caucus, has met with widespread resonance, not just within the European Parliament but over a broad political and social spectrum. Other, similar initiatives will follow," Greek MEP Dimitris Papadimoulis said.
Moody’s: Attica Bank’s need to tap additional ELA financing as Credit Negative

Moodys: Attica Banks need to tap additional ELA financing as Credit Negative

"The recent sharp increase of Attica Banks ELA contrasts with the ELA decrease that Greeces four larger banks reported in the past few months".



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